I find that WordPress themes work great for churches. They are easier to use, have more theme options to choose from, and the cost of a theme is very reasonable. I started out designing and customizing Drupal sites and realized that it is simply too much for the local church. Large churches that are well staffed can spend the time and money keeping these types of CMS site operating and current but most smaller local churches function on volunteers whose time is limited. Sites tend to get forgotten and information becomes outdated.

WordPress is easier to pick up and train others so the burden can be spread out across a congregation. Current sites are more valuable than sites that look great but are out of date and not kept up. A churches website should look appealing and also be current and relevant.

There is no need to reinvent or redesign the wheel. There are a lot of great WordPress church themes that require some customizing and content placement strategies. I bring to the table the knowledge and resources needed to get a churches website resigned and restructure to be effective in the 21st century.

Here are a few designs to look at.